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Other newspapers have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to contractors to digitize and host their archives. As an independent newspaper, we’re trying to archive our newspaper at a fraction of that cost.

To help finance the digitization process, we suggest donating $60 for each month you'd like to sponsor or or $600 for an entire year. Any other amount will generally support the website and archiving process. We will display contributors’ names on our website alongside the sponsored issues — and all donations will go directly towards paying students for their labor and hosting the digitized newspapers online.

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  • Laura X
  • Haley Williams
  • Dr. Nadesan Permaul
  • Ira Jacknis
  • John Sun
  • Jo Freeman
  • Lucinda Abbott
  • Eric Reiner
  • Paul Kandell
  • Carl Bertram
  • Harry Shapiro
  • Matt Fallentine
  • Leslie Mitchell
  • Wayne Kao
  • Chris Dolezalek
  • Jeremy Gordon
  • Matthew Brillinger
  • Brad Barber
  • William Roberts
  • Shirley Conner
  • Tom Leimkuhler
  • Shreyas Patankar
  • Matt Fallentine
  • Jianye Wen
  • Bill Morley
  • Carl Bertram